If We Change Our Perception – We May End Human Suffering

gandalf I watched this video by Jeff Lieberman on science and spirituality and I can honestly say it was quite profound.  Not having a strong scientific base, a lot went right over my head and will require my watching it several times to digest his thought process.  But, the spiritual enlightenment aspect of this video is heartwarming.  Please watch it and especially the ending you will be glad you did.  It closes basically saying if we can change our perception, then we can end human suffering.  Stop the thoughts in our head that tell us we have to do this to be fulfilled.  What if we could all feel complete, whole and interconnected instead of just being concerned with our own individual survival, then maybe we would prioritize our lives for the survival of all.  Please watch this 14 minute video.  The end will leave you with a wonderful thought.  Video Clip …..

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May your Journey be touched by this…. Remember To Smile Your Day Will Be Brighter… Darlene