The Empowering Contemplation of Healing

11616The body and mind respond to the quality of thoughts and emotions we place our emphasis on.  When we understand this, we can begin to heal.  We have a choice as to what thoughts, feelings and emotions we will agree with and encourage to remain alive within our mind.  This powerful choice allows the beginning of healing or the continuation of suffering.  Healing comes when we connect our body and spirit as a whole, we have to cultivate harmony throughout our body, the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual all need to be in alignment to aid in healing.  Balancing the body strengthens the immune system and maintains our physical well-being.  This is from the chapter “Empowering Contemplation’s” from my book.  See how I changed my life, read my story.  CLICK HERE LEARN MORE ABOUT MY BOOK.  

28 Days to a Positive Life











Psychologists say that it takes at least 28 days of focused activity to establish a new habit, so if you want a new attitude or behavior to become a real part of your life, you need to make it a priority every day for at least four weeks.  This is true for your thoughts and behaviors, and it holds true for changing your energetic vibration as well.  The laws of magnetism and consciousness-created reality indicate that the experiences you attract are largely determined by your personal resonance, so taking control of your daily energy will be well worth your consistent efforts. By increasing your awareness of your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, you can make more conscious decisions about the energetic direction of your life. Even small shifts in your daily activities can create a huge difference in your happiness and your results.  There’s one important truth that many people seem to dismiss concerning this process, however. In terms of achieving your goals, whatever they may be, it’s your full life force— not just your individual intentions— that will determine your results. You can desire something all you want, but if you don’t support that desire with your energy and consciousness every day, you won’t be able to propel your goal into Universal manifestation.  Here are a few of the videos regarding this course:




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Keeping You Empowered!


Garden of Zen





This is from my book, the chapter “Garden of Zen”.

The one thing most of us struggle with in life, is our thoughts and how they create unnecessary suffering, anger, resentment and jealousy. Zen has helped me to understand that with the ability to recognize our thoughts and how they affect our emotions, we can transform our lives to live in a very positive, peaceful manner.  A state of inner peace. When troubling thoughts or situations arise that are creating a difficult emotion, I pause and mentally ask myself: 1) Do I own this situation (meaning did I create it),  2) What, can I do to eliminate the thought or situation? If I don’t own the situation, I refuse to be a part of it. Eliminating the thought or situation involves acknowledging it, address it if necessary or let it go. Addressing any situation involves open minded parties that can express their points of view without having to be right or having to place blame. These two questions I ask myself are based on our everyday interactions with people that create frustration, anger, resentment, jealousy, etc.; and are not intended for major occurrences in our lives such as death, physical injury, life-threatening, etc.

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Tips On Changing Your Thoughts






One of the first things I learned when I started my Journey was how our thoughts create so much of our pain and suffering.  Below are five tips that I use to change my mindset.

  1. Awareness – You have to commit to yourself to be consciously aware of your thoughts.  Most people don’t even realize that the majority of their lives are lived in an unconscious state.  You have to learn to become observant.  Learn to observe and be a witness to every act you do and ever thought that passes through your mind.  This is a lot of work but you will find that the more watchful you become your internal chatter will become less and less.
  2. Emotions –  Our emotions create so many different thoughts in our mind that cause us pain and suffering.   Once we learn and understand that our emotions are just that and learn to accept them as that we can turn the voice off in our head.   My coaching is based on the Universal Spiritual Laws and Universal Laws of Karma so I have committed myself to living a life that serves all.  I see all people the same, no one is better than another, we are one.  So for me to stay in alignment of positive energy I learned to recognize my emotions and where they are taking me.  One thing that worked well for me to begin to recognize this is to pay attention to my personal resonance.  This is the energy you are projecting into the world.  as I was teaching myself this I had little notes stuck to my computer and places that I frequented that asked “How are you feeling?”.  That immediately got my attention, especially if I was in a negative thought pattern.  So this question was like an electrical shock, get that thought out of your head.  I personally always use affirmations to change my thought process so that is what I will discuss next.
  3. Affirmations – Affirmations are a great way to change your thought process.  I use affirmations everyday all day long.  I start in the morning when I get up.  I affirm what a great day I am going to have and how grateful I am to have this day to be able to serve and help others.  When you affirm to yourself of the good things you do and your contribution to the world it brings your energy (resonance) to a positive state.  There are many affirmations to use for just about every emotion.  When I first began this process and an emotion arose within me and I wanted to react to it, I would simply google the affirmations for that emotion and just start reading them.  Before you know it, you will be able to create your own affirmations mentally from all the practice you will have done.
  4. Negative Reactions – You will never master changing your thought process until you learn to stop reacting to negative situations.  This is a tough one because we are only human.  The key to this one is learning to understand that the person who is creating this negative reaction in you is coming from a place of fear.  The thing I embedded in my mind to master this was knowing that are natural state is love when we are born.  Anyone who is in harmony with their life will want the best for you, they will want to inspire you and see you happy.  This has given me so much comfort in those situations because I recognize that this person is suffering and living unconsciously.  Don’t take things personally, it is never about you it is about them.
  5. Don’t engage in negative conversations – It seems in today’s society negativity is a habit or a hobby with most people.  We are in different situations throughout the day but always talk positive, be encouraging, comforting and supportive.  When others are talking negatively or bashing someone, inject a positive into the situation.  There are times when this works and then there are times when  this does not work, when it is not working remove yourself from the conversation.  Anytime you are engaging in negative conversations you are allowing your resonance to project negative energy into the universe,  which will continue to return to you.I help people who are feeling overwhelmed, undervalued and anxious in their life. I help those that lack a true Spiritual connection in life to find it. I help clear out the clutter in your life and assist you in letting go of self-sabotaging behaviors & teach you to recognize your own intuition.   See how I changed my life, read my story.  CLICK HERE LEARN MORE ABOUT MY BOOK.  

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Be Where You Are


Life can only be found in the present moment.  Have you ever noticed that most conversations are about the past or the future?  How often do you just sit with someone and talk about what you are doing at that moment?  When the mind is scattered it takes a tremendous toll on our mental and physical energy.  How often do you bring your full awareness to the present moment?  Experts agree that focused attention is a powerful ingredient in the recipe for personal effectiveness.  To make full use of your potential to achieve virtually any goal, you must be the master of your own attention. It’s not enough to simply put your attention where you want it. You have to be able to keep it there until the job is done.  There is one law of the mind, this law is that whatever you pay attention to is what you become conscious of. So if you never really pay any attention to how your mind works, you will never have conscious control over it.  Once you begin to try and understand and pay attention to your mind, you come to see its positive and negative tendencies. You come to realize that your identity is not your thoughts and mind, your true nature is beyond that.

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Mastering Today – A Journey To Freedom


Hello, my name is Darlene Robbins and I would like to personally invite you to “Mastering Today”  I live in Fort Walton Beach Florida and I am on what I call a “Journey To Freedom”.  My journey began in 2009 when I began to study The Universal Spiritual Laws, The Law of Attraction and more,  which has enlightened my life so much by recognizing the mind/body connection.  Through the teachings,  I have learned to live in the moment and avoid trying to control people, things or situations that are out of my control.  My goal is to reach others and help them realize this.

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A Lesson in Karma

ec61a4b969349571f23aac0490bbd691I am writing on a Lesson in Karma because I am personally dealing with a situation that entails my upmost focus not to retaliate and make the right decisions.  My mind has been pushing me to a state of “Getting Even” but I am now far enough along in my Journey to understand that is my Ego working.  I began to do a little reading to create the mindset of what best action to take.  I’m not quite able to share the issue I am dealing with as yet, but I will.  I was touched with an article written by Lynn A. Anderson, Ph.D.  Here is the Lesson:

According to karma yoga, our true purpose in life is to return to a state of pure bliss. We do this by reincarnating back to earth living out our lives in an attempt to remove negative karma from our being. In earthly terms, it is a change in attitude that usually brings about a change in karma. However, be careful with attitude, because what may work in one moment may not work in another. It is our desires that keep us in the ever — repeating pattern of karma. While there is value in repetition, it is of a higher value to transcend the rebirth cycle of karma and find our true self, which is a perfect state of balance, harmony, health, happiness and peace.

An example of karma that needs to be addressed, would be a difficult marriage or relationship. In this piece of karma you have the opportunity to learn the lessons of unselfishness, sharing, compromise, respect and truth. According to karma if you had learned these lessons in a prior life you would not need to experience a difficult relationship in this life. Learning the lesson, a space opens and instead of anguish and strife, we experience joy and happiness.

If you choose to break the pattern of your karma you will free your energy to explore the rest of the universe, and through the wisdom you have gained you will realize that you can choose rather than being compelled by karma. Life is creative because you have the power to determine how and why you act.

The root of all karma is seeded in the four great passions. One of these passions is more intense in your life than the others, but they all appear at one time or another. These four great passions, which are the major causes of all of life’s problems, are: deceit, greed, anger and pride.

These negative emotional states lack honesty, tolerance, unselfishness and humility, and are the triggering mechanisms for all negative karma. These states of our being lack sincerity, fairness, joy, admiration, detachment and courage, and give rise to prejudice, sorrow, disloyalty, fear, disgust and mocking, which activates negative karma and get us into trouble.

Of the four great passions, anger is the one which we can all identify. It is something we all have experienced. Although no one likes to readily admit anger, it is somewhat easier than deceit, greed and pride. Anger is sometimes seen as a worthy passion, especially when it is used to right an injustice. However, it is very difficult to activate the right amount of anger, at the right time and for the right purpose.

To learn to express anger in the right way and thereby remove it, takes self-discipline. Karma teaches us that there is a big difference between not doing something, suppressing something, and removing the root cause of something. When we repress or resist something it will continue to surface in our lives. To remove it is to annihilate it, and this is the only way to change our karma.

So how do we change our karma? Awareness is the answer. We must become fully aware of the process by which karma operates. First, we must realize that there is no such thing as good or bad karma. Karma simply means action. It means that for every cause there is an effect; for every action there are consequences. So when emotions arise, if we can learn to take a breath, step back and carefully choose the nature of our course, the results will bring just rewards. To annihilate karma is a major task. If you try, and then slip back into old ways, don’t be tough on yourself, but learn to smile and laugh at yourself, pick yourself up and start again. One of the most important aspects of living a healthy, balanced and happy life is a sense of humor. If you take yourself too seriously, you will take life too seriously and risk developing a self-righteous attitude, which brings about heavy karma.

Here is a fun way to deal with anger, should it arise. Download this song from iTunes and listen to it. If it doesn’t make you smile and simmer your smoldering anger, send me an email and maybe just the conscious awareness act of venting will lift your spirit, your karma will shift and you will realize that life truly becomes what life does. Go to iTunes and download “Simmer Down” by the Mighty Mighty Bostons (from the album “Ska-Core, the Devil”).


Doctor Lynn

I knew that I needed to stop, take a step back and a deep breath and seek the resources to bring my focus to a place that best serves my needs at the present time.  It’s not about winning this battle.  It is about responding to it effectively to allow Karma to act on my behalf.  I hope you found this helpful in your Journey.  Below is some additional work on Karma, simply click on the image and explore.

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Enjoy you Journey and remember to Smile your day will be Brighter….. Darlene ♥

Karma Necklace
Karma Necklace

Life’s Pain has the Beauty of Stained Glass


I love the inspiration from 365 Prescriptions for the Soul, by Dr. Bernie Siegel.  The inspiration I am sharing with you today is about our unique beauty.

MOST OF US ARE VERY CONCERNED about revealing the so-called stains on our lives. We are constantly trying to hide our scars and wrinkles with cosmetics, plastic surgery, and medications. We try a variety of other therapies both physical and psychological to remove the stains. The truth is we are hiding what makes us unique because we are afraid of being different and of being noticed.  Why do we hide our wounds when we know that everyone is wounded? Why deny what makes us unique? My teachers are those who make no effort to hide their stains, scars, and wrinkles. They step forward and are as whole as anyone I have ever met. They know their true self, the immortal, ever beautiful self. When I meet those who are unique because of their stains, I see works of art. When we do not hide from the light by drawing our shades, all of us become stained-glass windows through which God can shine with a beautiful hue.

Soulution of the Day

Go forth into the world and like a crystal create a rainbow with the light reflected by your life!

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For Many Shall Come In My Name ~ Ray Yungen

    This is a quote from the book “For Many Shall Come In My Name”.  A patient at the physical therapy clinic where I work brought this book in for me.  I started reading it Monday and OMG it so profoundly resonates with me.  Being someone who was not raised going to church or having any positive experience when I did, has given me new hope and inspiration.  The book reveals how the “Ancient Wisdom” is drawing millions of people into mystical experiences and preparing the world for the end of the age.  It’s an exploration of “The New Age” movement and how  greatly it has impacted society allowing individuals to find their own “Higher Power”, Awareness, Consciousness.  This is a book you really should consider reading…..

Be In Awe…..

 AweOfTheSubtle Have you ever noticed that when we are alone without the distractions of others, TV, etc., we can really focus on our surroundings.  I know when I sit on the beach I can see the sparkle of the reflection coming off the water, how beautifully white the sand is (I live near the Gulf of Mexico) and oh my the clouds are magnificent and the sky is so blue, just amazing.  Just like these beautiful red strawberries ….. take time to look at the Awe of everything.