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A Journey to Freedom is my path of self-discovery by peeling away false beliefs imposed upon by family and society.  Once you make the conscious decision to discover who you are and what you really believe and think, you can look at the world from a different perspective and approach it with willful excitement and joy.

My story is how I moved through discovering myself to how I choose to perceive and live in the world. We all have that right, to perceive and live in the world on our own terms. Once you realize that seeking approval from others and trying to fit in will only bring you misery, is when the butterfly within you will emerge. Our mind/body   connection is the beginning of the journey.

I help people who are feeling overwhelmed, undervalued and anxious in their life. I help those that lack a true Spiritual connection in life to find it. I help clear out the clutter in your life and assist you in letting go of self-sabotaging behaviors & teach you to recognize your own intuition. I teach from a wide collection of tools that will help you with any life issue you may be dealing with. Often times addressing deeper truths require outside assistance to gain new angles that resolve out the internal conflict a person is holding. I teach you how to release judgments that hold you back and then flare up later to diminish you. I work with The Universal Spiritual Laws and The Universal Laws of Karma tools that add in a grounded spiritual component to many of life’s issues.  If you are dealing with anger, fears, doubts, self-esteem, feeling stuck in life, perspective, relationships, I can help you.  My coaching entails these 6 components that I design around the issue or issues you are wanting to change in your life.

  1. Learning to stay in the present moment.
  2. Becoming consciously aware of your thoughts at all times.
  3. Maintaining your Authentic Power.
  4. Being honest with yourself.
  5. Asking the right questions.
  6. Become less reactionary to life and more responsive to life.

As your mentor:

I am here to help you embrace your emotions, and empower your soul. In today’s world there is an influx of fear and frustration, uncontrolled anger and dissatisfaction.  There are so many souls searching on the outside to heal their pain on the inside, just as I was, living each day unhappy with their health, jobs, relationships, and low self esteem.  I’m here to offer spiritual guidance and help you to understand the importance of compassion and empathy in your life, help you find the find the courage to forgive and provide you with the necessary steps to live a life of purpose.

As your partner:

There’s nothing like having someone right by your side to partner with you in being your devoted ally, an experienced mentor, and your biggest cheerleader. More than just coaching, this program looks at every aspect of your being, and what could be holding you back from having the health, love, work, and life that you desire.

My Coaching Style:

The emphasis of my style of coaching is based upon the The Universal Spiritual Laws and The Universal Laws of Karma.  I began My Journey of self-discovery because my life had spiraled out of control because of an addiction to narcotics.  To truly empower yourself you have to learn how your habits become your reality. This is why a mindfulness/awareness practice is imperative to make lasting change in your life.  For a free 30 minute consultation email me at darlene.j.robbins@gmail.com

What is Empowerment Coaching:

Empowerment coaching empowers you to increase your possibilities and choices, balance and neutralize energetic charges, and to achieve emotional freedom by shifting your energy. It uncovers the real you.  As we go through life, we accept rules from others about how we should live our lives. Fears develop and we gradually drift away from our true unconditioned selves. Our energy begins to believe this is how we should live and keeps us limited. Empowerment coaching helps you shed these rules and fears, thus empowering you to be the person you were meant to be.  You will be emotionally free. Life will become easier and opportunities will fall into your lap. Shifting the energy around an issue will let new and better possibilities step forward.  For a free 30 minute consultation email me at darlene.j.robbins@gmail.com

Coaching Certification:

Certified Quantum Life Coach

Quantum Life Coaching by Sandra Anne Taylor

Hay House Training


Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner

Global Sciences Foundation

Dr. Joe Vitale and Steve G. Jones


Certified Empowerment Coach

Mr. Support Friend

David Bryant

For more information on My Coaching Services email me at darlene.j.robbins@gmail.com