Mastering Today – My story of how I changed my life by changing my thoughts.  A Journey to Freedom is my path of self-discovery by peeling away false beliefs imposed upon by family and society. Once you make the conscious decision to discover who you are and what you really believe and think, you can look at the world from a different perspective and approach it with willful excitement and joy.  Learn more, click on the image.

28 Days to a Positive Life.  Psychologists say that it takes at least 28 days of focused activity to establish a new habit, so if you want a new attitude or behavior to become a real part of your life, you need to make it a priority every day for at least four weeks. This is true for your thoughts and behaviors, and it holds true for changing your energetic vibration as well.  Learn more simply click on the image.

Mastering The Law of Attraction.  In this course I will teach you how the following topics affect your thoughts, emotions and reactions which directly affect your personal resonance. There are six modules to go through to help you become more conscious of your thought patterns and what to focus on to help you make positive changes to raise your vibration (which is the energy you are projecting into the universe).
1.Understand what your personal resonance is.
2.How your Ego controls your thoughts and how to recognize it.
3.Understanding Toxic Relationships.
4.Becoming the observer
5.Break unwanted emotional reactions and patterns.
6.Use of Affirmations.

Learn more simply click on the image.