Discernment In Lieu of Judgment

The principle of learning how to discern/choose rather than judge is an important one in regards to whether we achieve happiness in life, or not. Discernment is about deciding how you’ll respond to get the maximum benefit out of the situation. It’s about accepting the situation, through reflecting upon it and asking yourself “Why is this happening, and what can I learn from it?” When you judge someone, it results in pain. You hurt yourself and the thing or person you are judging.  When you judge, it is usually because you feel emotional about someone or something, what they represent or what you feel they have done to you. Judgments develop out of an attempt to make sense of your life, especially as it applies to your relationships and the world around you. Judgments become “negative” to the extent they are based upon fearful notions that have been set into motion because of unresolved pain and suffering. Discernment is the power behind the choices you make according to the truth of who you really are. Discernment lends a hand to your need to grow and expand, and your need to know what is happening in your world right now.  The journey from judgment to discernment is the promise of consciousness to honestly meet and learn about all aspects of worldly and relational existence. It is the free will and power found within the healing, as consciousness works to correct and integrate the pains of the past. Discernment is to recognize or identify as separate or distinct. Judgment is to form an opinion after careful consideration. When you judge a situation, person, or place or even an idea without tempering it with wisdom and kindness, it becomes assumptions, this gets us in trouble. In closing, judging is not a learning approach to life. Even if the situation is unpleasant, it may be the very thing that will give us the learning that we need to advance. There are hidden complexities to life and as human beings we don’t have the insight, knowledge or understanding to judge.

“It’s your birthright to live life your way. When others do things you don’t like, take note without making them wrong. If it really bugs you, take action without making them wrong. Wrong to you may be right to them. And vice versa.”

~ Jarl Forsman & Steve Sekhon, Bite Size Happiness

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