An Affirmation Opens The Door




Affirmations are short powerful statements.  It is very important to be aware of this because any statement you say to yourself affects your personal resonance.  This is why it is so important to get out of the habit of devaluing ourselves and making negative comments about ourselves that have become habit. Affirmations are a great way to change your thought process.  When you affirm to yourself the good things you do and your contribution to the world it brings your energy (resonance) to a positive state.  There are many affirmations to use for just about every emotion.  When I first began this process and an emotion arose within me and I wanted to react to it, I would simply google the affirmations for that emotion and just start reading them.  Before you know it, you will be able to create your own affirmations mentally from all the practice you will have done.

An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change. In essence, you’re saying to your subconscious mind: “I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I can do to change.” When I talk about doing affirmations, I mean consciously choosing words that will either help eliminate something from your life or help create something new in your life.

Your beliefs are merely habitual thinking patterns that you learned as a child. Many of them work very well for you. Other beliefs may be limiting your ability to create the very things you say you want. What you want and what you believe you deserve may be very different. You need to pay attention to your thoughts so that you can begin to eliminate the ones creating experiences you do not want in your life. Realize that every complaint is an affirmation of something you think you don’t want in your life. Every time you get angry, you’re affirming that you want more anger in your life. Every time you feel like a victim, you’re affirming that you want to continue to feel like a victim. If you feel that Life isn’t giving you what you want in your world, then it’s certain that you will never have the goodies that Life gives to others-that is, until you change the way you think and talk. You’re not a bad person for thinking the way you do. You’ve just never learned how to think and talk. People throughout the world are just now beginning to learn that our thoughts create our experiences. Your parents probably didn’t know this, so they couldn’t possibly teach it to you.

They taught you how to look at life in the way that their parents taught them. So nobody is wrong. However, it’s time for all of us to wake up and begin to consciously create our lives in a way that pleases and supports us. You can do it. I can do it. We all can do it-we just need to learn how. So let’s get to it.

With affirmations, whenever you feel stuck in an emotion or thought, you have the ability to change that thought by affirming an affirmation over and over in your head (mentally).  You do have the power to let go of all patterns of negativity through awareness, commitment and desire to change. Release your limitations, think big, think joyous and think deserving.

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