Becoming The Observer


Becoming the observer of your thoughts, emotions and actions is essential in maintaining a personal resonance of a high vibration.  When you master this, your life will become one of great control. Rather than react to thoughts, situations and emotions immediately, let it process.  If the reaction does not serve your resonance, don’t do it.

You are not your thoughts!  Let the worry of negative ones go.  Instead of reacting to everything that you think, become an unbiased observer of your thoughts.  Awareness will only happen if you are willing to commit to yourself to be consciously aware of your thoughts.  Most people don’t even realize that the majority of their lives are lived in an unconscious state.  You have to learn to become observant.  Learn to observe and be a witness to every act you do and ever thought that passes through your mind.  This is a lot of work but you will find that the more watchful you become your internal chatter will become less and less.  

One of the basic principles of “The Law of Attraction”, “The Universal Spiritual Laws” and “The Universal Laws of Karma” is to always be aware of your personal resonance (the energy you project into the world).  In this course I will teach you how the following topics affect your thoughts, emotions and reactions which directly affect your personal resonance.  There are six modules to go through to help you become more conscious of your thought patterns and what to focus on to help you make positive changes to raise your vibration (which is the energy you are projecting into the universe).

This is from my book “Mastering The Law of Attraction by Understanding Your Personal Resonance”.  If you’re interested in this CLICK HERE.  I hope you enjoyed this and found it helpful

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