What is Your Personal Resonance?








One of the basic principles of “The Law of Attraction”, “The Universal Spiritual Laws” and “The Universal Laws of Karma” is to always be aware of your personal resonance. This is the energy that you are projecting into the world.  For The Law of Attraction to work for you, it is all about the energy we are giving.  This fundamental thought helped me tremendously.  I became so aware of my emotions that when they moved to a negative state, I immediately shifted my energy to a positive state.  This requires awareness and action.  Awareness, recognizing the negative emotion and action, being willing to do what you need to do to change it.  Let’s begin:

The Law of Magnetism states that you can only magnetize or attract the same type of energy that you put out about yourself.  Each of us projects a personal energy field, an energetic message about ourselves, which is our signature resonance and the source of much of what we attract.  Your energy consists of these vibrations:  Mechanical, Acoustic, and Electro-Magnetic.

To become aware of your personal resonance you must ask yourself:  What are the predominant emotional vibrations of my life?  Do I tend to resonate with the agitated frequencies of fear and anxiety, or do I resonate with the fluid energy of trust and peace?  Do I align with the heavy, dark, and dense frequencies of depression; or do I live in gentle feelings of present contentment?

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