Understanding Toxic Relationships



Toxic thought patterns is negative thinking and I have broken them down into seven categories.  All toxic thought patterns fall into one of two categories: devaluing and catastrophic thinking.  To break toxic thought patterns, we have to become aware of them.  Most of your negative thinking will come from one of the seven toxic thought patterns.   They are important to know, because without identifying these sources of your negative energy, it will be difficult to break these mental habits.  This is why it is so important to become aware of them in order to make your energetic shift to one of attracting your dreams and desires.  Let’s look at the seven toxic thought patterns.  Remember if you are allowing yourself to have these type thoughts, you are affecting your personal resonance.

  1. Devaluing– dismisses the value you could find in yourself, others, situations, or events.   Signals of devaluing are judgment and criticism for yourself or others.  This minimizes the worth of your life and creates a lack of appreciation.
  2. Catastrophic thinking– is the other major category of negative thinking.  This looks at the “worst case scenario,” anticipating all the things that could go wrong, even if there’s a chance of things going well.
  3. Urgency– is a pattern of need and unrest.  It comes from the need to be certain about how things turn out, and it leads to agitation, fear, and the need for control, all emotional vibrations that block receptivity.
  4. Comparing and competing– not only devalues you, it creates striving and envy, fragmenting your harmonic connections with others and the Universe.  This blocks assistance and support from the universe.
  5. Victimization and blame– will cause you to lose your power in your own life and in the world.  It also causes you to focus on what’s wrong and fear more of the same in the future.
  6. Absolutes or all-or-nothing thinking– can be judgmental, like “I will always be fat,” or catastrophic like, “I’ll never get a job.”  Negative absolutes do not represent your truth, and they block alignment and balanced energy.
  7. Time Warping– is a form of catastrophic thinking that jumps back and forth from the past to the future.  Time warpers constantly rehash old experiences, often engaging in self-recrimination, wishing they could have done or said something different in order to create different results.  They also run future events and potential encounters through their minds, anticipating future events and worrying about their outcome.

Ways to help you become aware of your toxic thought patterns and to overcome them.

  1. Notice when you are having a difficult feeling.  This is a sign of negative thinking.  Describe the feeling and the situation that caused that emotion.
  2. Identify your negative thoughts and write them down.  Correlate the toxic thought pattern that it falls under.
  3. Now try to find a more positive way to look at that situation and replace it with a positive thought.

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