Breaking Unwanted Emotional Reactions and Patterns





Emotions contribute to our personal resonance and it is important to understand them if we want to apply the “Law of Attraction” to attain our dreams and desires.  There are 11 toxic emotions that sabotage our personal resonance.  You need to begin to understand them so that you can control them and remove the negative energy they bring to your resonance.  Look at each one and give it some thought.  This will take time for you to begin to understand but with practice it gets clearer and clearer.  With every emotion we have, nobody can make us feel like that, we are doing that to ourselves.  Any action someone does that creates these emotions within us, we have to start asking questions to why we are allowing this.  Here they are:

  1. Hurt – victimization, helplessness, blame – Express your pain and responsibility, stop being the victim and blaming others, forgive them and yourself and make the decision to let it go.  Hanging onto it only keeps it alive.  Remember the decision to let go may include letting go of that person too.  These are the tough questions we have to ask ourselves with hurt, are we going to continue to allow this, am I willing to trust again?
  2. Sadness– self-pity, regret – We all face sadness in our lives but the only way to move past what happened is to accept it.  Acknowledge it, honor it and make the decision to continue living.  Anytime you resist something, it will remain there.  Holding onto a sadness is selfish, you’re telling the universe it is not fair, this should not happen to me, but life is not fair, it happens to all of us.  Change your attitude, and push through your pain.
  3. Shame– humiliation, embarrassment – Shame requires our forgiveness.  We all make mistakes and if we’re willing to acknowledge them and to do what is necessary to make amends, then there should be no more shame.  Society and domestication are the triggers that leave this lingering emotion hanging over our heads, but that is not the truth it is a lie.
  4. Hopelessness– loneliness, despair, desperation – Nothing is as bad as it ever seems.  If you are willing to be honest with yourself and others, there are avenues to get you through any situation.  When we stay stuck in hopelessness, it is because the situation is not what we want, but unfortunately it is the situation you have in your life at that moment and you have to accept it to move past it.
  5. Fear– anxiety, panic, immobilization – You know what I ask myself when I am faced with a fearful thought?  “What is the worst that can happen”?  I have never gotten an answer to that question that I have not been able to deal with.  Unless you’re in imminent danger, you have to realize and understand that your fear is only a thought.  You have to be willing to love yourself enough to face your fear.  Each time you move through a fear thought, you get stronger.
  6. Anger– resentment, bitterness – Moving past anger is a process much like hurt.  You have to stop the blaming and victimizing and look at the situation and take action.  Express yourself and then decide if you can forgive and live with this or do you need to move past this situation or person.  Every emotion we have requires responsibility to resolve them.
  7. Hate– meanness, vengefulness – Hate is not healthy and will only lead you to a place of self-destruction.  You have to release hate, you cannot hold this emotion in.  Begin analyzing it and why you feel this way.  The most valid argument about hatred is that it is pointless.  When you bind yourself to hatred you will be miserable.
  8. Jealousy– envy, possessiveness – Much like hate, jealousy is destructive.  You have to begin to analyze why you are jealous and with those answers, be honest with yourself.  If you’re jealous, you are binding yourself to something you don’t have and in doing so, will spoil the things you do have.
  9. Pride– better than, self-righteousness – This is your Ego in control.  If you value others on the same level as you value yourself, there should be no issue with pride.  Pride is your Ego wanting to be right. When there is conflict and difference, this does not mean you have to accept the others point of view.  Express yourself and stand by your point of view.  Prides resonance energy is shame, which is a negative vibration.
  10. Greed– insatiability, emotional hunger – Greed is nothing more than an endless desire to get more and more things in life.  Greed has a negative impact on us because it tells us we do not have enough and we are not enough.  As far as your resonance goes, when you are constantly wanting and thinking about what you want, you are not appreciating what you have and therefore project a negative energy of lack.
  11. Guilt– self-blame, false responsibility – Guilt is much like shame, it requires our forgiveness.  You are in a constant state of judging your failures and flaws.  You have to accept responsibility for what you did, try to make it right if you can, and then let it go.  If there are people in your life that want to bind you to a mistake, then you might want to consider removing them from your life.

Again, the only way any of this will help you is if you are willing to be honest with yourself.  Here is one of my favorite quotes to inspire you to be honest with yourself.

It is only when we have the courage 
to face things exactly as they are,
without any self-deception or illusion,
that a light will develop out of events,
by which the path to success may be recognized.

This is taken from my course “Mastering The Law of Attraction by Understanding Your Personal Resonance”.  If you interested in the entire course CLICK HERE.  The course covers the following:    There are six modules to go through to help you become more conscious of your thought patterns and what to focus on to help you make positive changes to raise your vibration (which is the energy you are projecting into the universe).

  1. Understand what your personal resonance is.
  2. How your Ego controls your thoughts and how to recognize it.
  3. Understanding Toxic Relationships.
  4. Becoming the observer
  5. Break unwanted emotional reactions and patterns.
  6. Use of Affirmations.