28 Days to a Positive Life











Psychologists say that it takes at least 28 days of focused activity to establish a new habit, so if you want a new attitude or behavior to become a real part of your life, you need to make it a priority every day for at least four weeks.  This is true for your thoughts and behaviors, and it holds true for changing your energetic vibration as well.  The laws of magnetism and consciousness-created reality indicate that the experiences you attract are largely determined by your personal resonance, so taking control of your daily energy will be well worth your consistent efforts. By increasing your awareness of your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions, you can make more conscious decisions about the energetic direction of your life. Even small shifts in your daily activities can create a huge difference in your happiness and your results.  There’s one important truth that many people seem to dismiss concerning this process, however. In terms of achieving your goals, whatever they may be, it’s your full life force— not just your individual intentions— that will determine your results. You can desire something all you want, but if you don’t support that desire with your energy and consciousness every day, you won’t be able to propel your goal into Universal manifestation.  Here are a few of the videos regarding this course:




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