How Your Ego Controls Your Thoughts






It is important to understand what your ego is and when it is in control in order for you to master your thoughts.  Your ego is the image you have of yourself.  Your social mask, the face you put on for the world.  Your titles and roles (mother, daughter, sibling, friend, colleague, etc.).  I like to think that our Ego is the structure in our brain that gives a “personal identity”, it serves a very practical purpose for physical interaction with others.  Becoming Self-Aware requires that you master recognizing your ego and that you understand your ego is a functional part of your mind, instead of the essence of who you are.  The challenge of being aware of your ego is that your mind has been programmed for you to believe it (your ego) is you.  Your ego is something you have to live with but you don’t have to listen to it or believe what it has to say.  Your soul is your spirit, the essence of your true self, who you really are deep down below all the labels, roles, expectations and masks we have created.  Your soul never changes, you were born you and will forever be you.  Inherently you are divine energy from the Universe.  Your very existence in this world is what makes you beautiful, valuable and amazing.  Remember your Ego is false and anytime your Ego is in control you are projecting false (negative) energy into the Universe.  This is from my course “Mastering The Law of Attraction, by Understanding Your Personal Resonance.”

In this course I will teach you how the following topics affect your thoughts, emotions and reactions which directly affect your personal resonance.  There are six modules to go through to help you become more conscious of your thought patterns and what to focus on to help you make positive changes to raise your vibration (which is the energy you are projecting into the universe).

  1. Understand what your personal resonance is.
  2. How your Ego controls your thoughts and how to recognize it.
  3. Understanding Toxic Relationships.
  4. Becoming the observer
  5. Break unwanted emotional reactions and patterns.
  6. Use of Affirmations.

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