What You Resist……

91116Whatever you resist, persists! If you have a persistent issue, condition, problem, or challenge in your life that you can’t seem to resolve right now, do your best to avoid pushing against it, resisting it, fighting it, or trying to make it go away. It will only get stronger.

Instead, practice the art of acceptance. Accept that the issue is here right now. Not forever, just for right now. Say to yourself, “I’d love to make this go away, but since I can’t right now, I’m going to make peace with it. I’m going to accept that this is just something I need to go through, and I’m going to trust that it will improve when the time is right.”

Taking this approach often releases a ton of emotional tension and resistance, which can soften the intensity of problems and create pathways to solutions that you couldn’t see when you were so busy trying to push the problem away.

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