A Mirror for your Beliefs





Are you triggered by rude and insensitive people? Do you hate it when people try to make you feel inferior or dumb?

It’s important to understand that people usually mirror our own beliefs back to us, and what they say and do has nothing to do with what they think about us – but what WE think about us.

The next time you encounter someone who appears to be putting you down for whatever reason, turn your focus within yourself. Which of your emotions and beliefs are being triggered by their attitude? Why does it unnerve you so much? What do your feelings reveal about your own beliefs?

It’s never about them, but it’s always about your own beliefs.

Today’s INTENTION: “Today I intend to have full awareness of my own limiting beliefs. I will see others as a mirror and use the images I see to adjust my own thoughts, feelings and beliefs, knowing that as I do, I alter the energy I emit to the universe, and ultimately, my own reality.”

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