Body and Mind are One

 This weeks post on inspirational wisdom includes an interview with Thich Nhat Hanh as he explains why meditation is for everyone.  For me personally, meditation is a quiet place that I can go to remove all the noise of the world and basically recharge myself to focus on what is in the best interest for my well being.  Let’s get back to Mr. Hanh.  In this interview, Mr Hanh shares how he decided to become a Buddhist Monk.  He shares he was 9 years old and saw a picture of a Buddha sitting in the grass and the picture reflected solidity and peace to him.  He shares that much of his surroundings were of unhappy people who were not living a relaxed life and he had a desire to become like the Buddha he saw in the picture.  This interview is very remarkable and I encourage you to take the time to listen to it,  you will immediately feel at peace.  Listen to the full interview CLICK HERE. Mr. Hanh shares with his students that he is motivated to practice mediation to live with peace, joy and solidity and to help others.  He teaches that when you learn a practice of meditation we can learn to live with the suffering around us.  Thich teaches that you can practice going inward anytime, while driving your car, feeding your baby,  eating your breakfast any of your daily activities.  Meditation is to be aware.   I hope you enjoyed this weeks Inspirational Wisdom.  Enjoy your Journey and remember to Smile your day will be Brighter….. ♥  “When we remain calm we reflect peace.”